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Möglichkeit und Option

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"Death is the last option" is translated by Duo as Der Tod ist die letzte Möglichkeit ; if I translated it into German as Der Tod ist die letzte Option how, if any, would the meaning or nuances change in this sentence?

Thanks in advance.

May 24, 2018



Honestly, as a native speaker, I would prefer using "Option" in this context because "Option" puts more emphasis on the fact that you have a choice. "Der Tod ist die letzte Moeglichkeit" sounds less natural to me. "Der letzte Ausweg" would be good, too. Hope that helped a bit ;-)

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7hAu0bvY and Meike - Danke, das habe ich auch gedacht.


to me (native as well) both is the same. Option sounds a little better, but i don't see a difference in the meaning. of course like Meike said you can say "der letzte Ausweg too".

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