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Cuando and Cuándo

Can anyone tell me what are the differences between Cuando and Cuándo? On Duolingo, their meaning is When!! Gracias!!

May 24, 2018



"Cuándo" is a question. ¿Cuándo llegaste? = When did you arrive?.

"Cuando" is, I guess, a relative. Llegaste cuando llovía = You arrived when (while?) it was raining.


Much gracias, Chilotin. Excuse me, can you tell me how to get started learning German? I decide to learn German after Spanish!


(On web) if you hover your mouse over the language icon next to your profile icon on the top right, a menu appear and at the bottom you can click "Add a new course" which will take you to the language page to choose German.


As long as "cuándo" translates to the question "when" -- that includes the indirect speech ("I want to know when you're coming.") and the indirect question ("Do you you when he's coming?"), it takes an accent. When it is a relative adverb or when it is a conjunction (has nothing to do with the 'questioning' "when", and just like the first word I'm using in this sentence), then it doesn't carry an accent (just like the "cuando" that Chilotin used with the rain).

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