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  5. Der Hund ist deiner.


Der Hund ist deiner.

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Is this considered to be informal speech; or am I taking things too far and this is considered to be regular speech? Would you say this to your teacher?


May 24, 2018



yes it is informal speech since deiner is a (possesive) form of du.

in formal speech this would be:

Der Hund ist Ihrer. (Ihrer with capitalized I. otherwise it woud mean the dog is hers.)

for teachers we use formal speech in german.

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Thanks a lot. I used the example of talking to a teacher for just this reason.


A few years ago I spoke to a native speaker and he said that form isn't really used. Germans would normally say "Das ist dein Hund".


Your're right, it sounds much better to say "Das ist dein Hund."

But without a pronoun you could use this kind of phrase, for example when passing a pencil to someone: "Ich glaube, das ist deiner." (I think that's yours).


we do use it ...sometimes... like for example: you are out with friends then someone brings coffee for everyone in the group, another person was away for some minutes, when he/she comes back someone might say: "der Kaffee da ist übrigens deiner". (by the way, that coffee is yours.)while pointing to the last cup in the middle of the table.


Interesting, thanks. Then, would the given exemple work in this situation: a child comes back home from school, is greated by the lovely dog his parents have planed to surprise him with. "Where is it from, I like him…", he says; and the parents reply "Der Hund ist deiner."


it would work. but since the dog has been subject already i would shorten it to "das ist deiner".if i choose this phrase though i might rather go with: "er gehört dir."


Thanks! Actually, I had to rephrase a good part of my scenario so that it didn't naturally end with "er ist deiner", as this was too close to the information already provided by Mia. That's were a native is invaluable in navigating what's grammaticaly correct, but may or may not be used.


sorry in the end it still turned out like this.


No problem at all, you took from your time to make me a step closer to fully understand your beautiful language. That's all I wanted. Thanks again.

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