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"O agente está tirando dinheiro do banco."

Translation:The agent is taking money from the bank.

April 25, 2014



"O agente está tirando dinheiro do banco."

Translation: The agent is taking money from the bank.

"The agent is taking money out of the bank" or "The agent is withdrawing money from the bank" both sound like normal business transactions.

"The agent is taking money from the the bank" makes it sound like our agent is up to no good.


Agreed, but it is ambiguous so could be either way. a


"Tirando" here is the word you would use for withdrawing or taking out money, correct?


So he could be either stealing or withdrawing money?


I simply "draw" money from my bank, I never "take" it.

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Standard English usage is to draw money from the bank. I suggest that should be accepted as a correct answer.


I have never heard of someone "drawing money from a bank." Standard English would be "withdrawing money from the bank."

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