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no audio, no sounds and missing images on website

when studying at home, on the website, I noticed most sounds have disappeared. For example the positive 'bling' when I do something right, the success sound at the end of a finished lesson, and the mistake sound. Also, the voice is missing when I hover a word. I do hear the voice when exercising with the microphone.

I'm currently studying spanish on MacOs Safari (don't ask me to change browser, I can't) and my flash player is up to date.

Oh, and btw, my picture and the pictures of the people I follow are also missing, everywhere except here in the forum, where I can see them in discussions - but still not in the menu up right near my name.

April 25, 2014



What version of Safari are you running?


Things are going even worse today, sometimes sounds don't load at all. I've tried using Chrome instead of Safari and I still have the same problems. Am I the only one experiencing this? What is going on?? can't anyone answer??? I'm starting to get worried.


Thanks for the browser info. Taking a look right now!

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