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"Do you want brown or white sugar in your tea?"

Translation:Möchtest du braunen oder weißen Zucker in deinen Tee?

May 24, 2018



Why does willst not work here? I.e., "willst du braunen oder weißen Zucker in deinen Tee?"


I wish Duo would stop obscuring the difference in English between "WANT" and "WOULD LIKE". In English, "Do you want" is definitely less polite than "Would you like". If Duo is looking for us to use the polite "möchten", then the English should be "Would you like....?"


Exactly right. I changed my preferred answer from the verb "mochten" to "wollen" to better fit the translation and got marked down... I'm still not sure why "Willst du" or "Wollen Sie" are incorrect given the German used...?


That is because the Germans are more polite than the Americans. When an American would have used want to a German would probably have used möchten.

[deactivated user]

    Surely It should be "...in deinem Tee" (i.e. dative)?


    To quote the answer quis_lib_duo gave you here

    Well, while implicit, you ask someone to put the sugar into the milk and hence to perform a directed act, and as you remember, then (with direction / movement) we use accusative in German.


    My native language is German and I also wrote "... in deinem Tee" and I still think that you can use both accusative and dative here. If you use "... in deinen Tee" it refers to a direct act, i.e. the pouring of sugar into the tea. However, if you want to refer to the condition or state of the tea after you have poured in sugar, the dative (as a locative) will be correct.


    "Willst du..." was not accepted but should be correct.


    I'll honestly quit duo. I'm tired of being marked wrong for translating misleading translations "wrong" all the time (and losing hearts now too; yeah I know the web version doesn't have them, but still). What's the point of that heart thing if your system doesn't even accept all correct solutions and contributors don't do anything about it either? You just lose your hearts and courage. It's just a waste of time that I could have used effectively by just learning German with a teacher in real life. Duo is just a rage generator like an annoying computer game that you just cannot beat.


    Willst du braunen oder weissen Zucker in deinen Tee?

    Seriously, Duo? Why not?


    Here we go again! Duo gives 'willst du' in the hints for this question - and then marks it wrong!! PLEASE sort this out - it is unfair and dispiriting!! I also agree with the comment by Karatefan : dative and accusative should both be accepted. The English sentence can be read as having NO implied movement. We need consistency!!


    "Möchten Sie braunen oder weißen Zucker in deinen Tee" was marked wrong?



    It looks like that changes the person within the quote, i.e. Sie to du


    When using the formal Sie, you also have to say "in Ihren Tee"


    I don't understand why it is deinen Tee. The person is asking a question therefore, at this point, there is no change of location of the sugar. It has not happened yet.


    It says "do you want", not "would you like" grrrr. The answer is "möchtest du ..." But it is wrong.


    Will oder möchte? What did we learn in our childhood?Kinder mit nem (einem) Willen kriegen (bekommen) was auf die Brillen. So what is the magic word? Meekly: Ich möchte or angry:ICH WILL ABER.

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