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Hindi date has moved yet again ... sigh.

Guess the only question is "is anyone surprised"?

I live in India and really wish this course would enter beta. I'm learning bits and pieces on my own already, but really wish this course would drop already (since it's been incubating for 3+ years).

May 24, 2018



If the team have moved it back then they will have done so with good cause. My only gripe would be doing so without an update to the comments.


I'm just glad that they're moving unlike some courses imho . . . (Haitian Creole and Yiddish and Arabic) It's nice to see that Hindi got back in track thanks to some new Contributors


Very unfortunate, but I assume it means that alpha testing revealed things which need work. It is, after all, the point of alpha testing....


I'm sooo eager this course to be launched!!! I installed DuoLingo only because of this upcoming Hindi course. I learn by myself now but I think this course will be very helpful for selflearners like me, because it will give a lot of practice... While Hindi course is still in progress I learn Spanish just to get used to DuoLingo)))) I WISH GOOD LUCK FOR ALL HINDI COURSE CONTRIBUTERS!!! Guys, you are doing great job!!!!


I guess this will be the last time the date has moved.


I wish, however... I've seen this happen about 35 times in the last 5 years for Hindi. It has caused me to have no more faith in the words.


Not trying to be TOO philosophical, but funny how we all come here to learn different words in different languages, yet actions can render them absolutely meaningless.


Wow, Hoo... that's deep! :D


Virginia Cavaliers fan???


Yes ... did my undergrad there and worked in the athletic department. So I have my heart broken every March during the basketball tournament, but otherwise get to enjoy being a fan :)


Especially this year when UMBC #16 and beat Virginia #1


I have been waiting for this course to enter beta for ages. I understand if the deadline moves back once or twice, but this is extremely frustrating.


People must hate me for some reason lol, around a month ago I complained about that, now I see it got postponed AGAIN but my post got - 4 at least and here +16... Double frustration lol. But good that people react about it even though look like no one cares to give any update on duolingo teams... Need another way than duolingo for hindi, 5 years is too long to keep hope seriously.

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