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How Do You Decide How Much To Review Each Day?

Hi everyone. Just a quick question really. As above, how do you work out how much review to do each day?

When we had the strength bars it was easy to see where I hadn’t practiced and where my weak areas were, but now it’s changed I honestly have no idea if I’m doing things right or not. I’ve been using the practice tab, but at only one or two sessions a day I don’t think it’s enough, but like I said, I can’t tell. I don’t want to let my weak areas get even weaker, but how much review will make sure nothing goes stale? TIA.

May 24, 2018



I go on duome.eu and type in, in the search bar, duome.eu/.disco_chemist./progress.

Of course you would put your own name in there.


Depending on which language you're in, you can go and look at everything you've done and get information.


.disco_chemist. Thanks for that! I’ve been reading some of the lesson notes and it looks really useful!


You're welcome! I love when I help.


Personal way of doing stuff: I complete one lvl 5 skill on a daily basis(to make sure to assimilate the new vocabulary before starting new content, and it works), 1 practice on each skill of the last 5 skills I did, and a few overall practices to get a refresh on some old stuff


Depends on how you review


Honestly, it depends on how much I'm procrastinating doing the things I probably should be doing.

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