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  5. "torgh, jIyajbe'."

"torgh, jIyajbe'."

Translation:Torg, I don't understand.

May 24, 2018



How do you pronounce this?



That tool can be used to pronounce any Klingon sentence, though it says some of them better than others. There is also a pronunciation lesson a couple levels into the course. Though it still doesn't have audio, so the sentence pronunciation tool above can be very helpful.




my brain still refuses to understand why the noun sometimes goes first and why sometimes it goes at the end. there doesn´t seem to be any logic as to why. 90% of the mistakes i´ve made on this course are consequence of this issue.


The first thing to notice is whether there is a comma, setting off the name from the rest of the sentence. If so, that's the name of the person you are speaking to, and it can come at the beginning or at the end.

torgh, vIyajbe'. "Torg, I don't understand her." (You're talking to Torg and you're telling him: "I don't understand her.")

vIyajbe', torgh. "I don't understand her, Torg." (Same meaning as above, only you say the name of the person you're talking to after the main sentence. Both sentence orders are possible -- keep the name in the same position in your translation.)

torgh vIyajbe'. "I don't understand Torg." (No comma here -- so torgh is part of the main sentence, and since it's before the verb, it has to be the direct object.


Makes perfect sense, why I wasn´t paying attention to the coma... I cannot fathom. Thank you very much.

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