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  5. "Fire on my command!"

"Fire on my command!"

Translation:Sara'DI' pebaH!

May 24, 2018



The question does not seem to specify whether the order is to fire the disruptors or a torpedo, but it marked "qara'DI' yIbach!" as a typo. I believe this (and its plural equivalent) should be accepted.


bach is usually translated as "shoot" and while there is some grey overlap in English, I feel it is appropriate to maintain the separation in teaching Klingon.


bach is the word used for firing phase disruptors. baH is the word used for firing torpedoes or missiles. Okrand seems to make a distinction between shoot and fire as if the one only applies to guns and the other only applies to missiles, but in fact the words shoot and fire are synonymous for these uses. One can shoot or fire a gun, and one can shoot or fire a missile..

So maintaining this distinction doesn't really make sense. Fire on my command might mean exactly the same as Shoot when I tell you in English. El capitán says "Ready! Aim! Fire!" to his rifle-holding firing squad, not "Ready! Aim! Shoot!" Fire on my command does sound more like a command about missiles than guns, but it's not absolute, and there's nothing in the language that I can point to specifically to explain that.

Even if it's not the default translation, you should accept people who use bach for fire and baH for shoot, because the English just doesn't really make that distinction strongly. But if the sentence mentions torpedoes or missiles or disruptors or phasers, only the correct verb should be accepted.


Further to the synonymous nature of fire/shoot, I believe "fire" is also used for ordering artillery (which would I believe include a ship's cannon).


Would the distinction is better captured by translating baH as "launch"?

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