"We are looking for large pigs and a big cow."

Translation:Hledáme velká prasata a velkou krávu.

May 24, 2018

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Why is it velkou krávu and not velkà kravu ? . Thanks :)


It is an object so it is in the accusative case. And the adjective must be in the accusative case as well, so velkou.


U slovíčka "large" byla na Memrise poznámka, že to znamená velký rozlohou. Takže použití kp. na "large fields" - "rozlehlé lány (obilí)". A zde visí u velkých prasat.


Nevím, co je Memrise, ale definice large je ve slovnících https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/large

4 a : exceeding most other things of like kind especially in quantity or size : big

a large number of complaints


Ve větě před timto cvičením musi být u donkey "large donkey", "big donkey" je chyba a zde "big cow"být může. Pro mne tedy nelogické,


Big donkey je zcela v pořádku.


velká prasata is nominative case and velkou krávu is accusative and preferably designed to teach is that right.


Both are in the accusative case, as the direct objects of the verb. The nouns and adjectives have different endings because prase is neuter and kráva is feminine.


Why isn't it velkého krávu?


Lol, that sounds hillarious. It there was a man who you'd call "Big Cow", it would be possible, I guess.

Anyway, kráva is feminine and the adjective "velký" must agree with it.

  • velký býk (a big bull), masculine animate -> accusative: velkého býka
  • velký traktor (a big tractor), masculine inanimate -> accusative: velký traktor
  • velká kráva (a big cow), feminine -> accusative: velkou krávu
  • velké prase (a big pig), neuter -> accusative: velké prase
  • and then the plural forms...

Please make sure you read the Tips for each skill, available in the web version of Duolingo.


Why isnt it "velke prasata"? It is in the accusative plural right? The ending of accusative plural for adjectives is "velke" if i'm right


It's still "velká" for neuter plural (same as its nominative). Check out the declination table: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/velk%C3%BD

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