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Can we have a Klingon haiku thread?

[deactivated user]

    I thought this might be a good opportunity to practice the language in ways that aren't yet covered. I've heard there are threads like this in the Facebook group, but I haven't had Facebook in quite a while.

    I came up with this one a couple of weeks ago or so:

    pumtaH chal pengmey

    ‘eng 'emvo’ nubejtaH jul

    ghIchDaj 'angvIp nuch

    "the sky's torpedoes are falling

    the sun is watching us from behind a cloud

    the coward is afraid to show its nose"

    May 24, 2018



    qaghov. qavan.

    tlhoDtaHvIS maS wov
    tlhIngan Hol *Hay'qu' tIvlaH
    ghot 'ar vISovbe'.


    Here's one I posted on the LiveJournal "klingon" community many moons ago:


    Sormeyvo' pum por
    ngajchoH pem 'ej nI'choH ram
    ghoStaH DIS poH bIr

    Leaves are falling from the trees
    Days grow shorter, nights grow longer
    Winter is approaching

    Nowadays, we have qImroq for a season but back then I went with DIS poH.



    Dorlaw'lI' DIS nI'

    nuqDaq bojaH juppu'wI'

    tam che'ron 'ej bIr


    qabbe'. 'ach qaghwI'meylIj yI'ol.


    wa' qaghwI' vIlIj. mu'Daq /'ej/ 'oH. latlh vIlIj'a'


    meQtaHvIS jul tuj,
    Hoch mIv'a' charghta' charghwI',
    yay'a' lop QapwI'.

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