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iPod/Phone App Request: No-typing Review Mode


When doing reviews on my ipod typing translations is very time consuming. Would it be possible to have an "iPod/Phone Review Mode" that only gives questions that are multiple choice selection prompts? This would make using Duolingo in the mobile version much more manageable.

Currently the tedious nature of touchscreen input is inhibitive enough that after downloading the app I pretty much decided I'd only do reviews on my laptop.



March 25, 2013



I agree, typing on the iPhone is tedious. However, no-typing tasks like choosing an answer or making a sentence from predefined words make iPhone practice significantly easier even as is. Removing typing altogether will make it very easy which is no good.

I wonder if there is a way of making iPhone practising more fun without making it easier than practising in the web version...


I agree entirely on how easy it would become -- which is why I suggested it only for "review" tasks. The new material should be covered in the full featured mode. Sometimes I'd like to do mobile review practice, even if it is easy, but as it is now I just skip it altogether.

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