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For anyone learning German and Spanish

I have just started watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix. I watch it in English with German subtitles which has been very useful for my German learning. I haven't really started learning Spanish 'properly' yet, but there are parts of the show that are in Spanish and would have English subtitles, but obviously they're in German now. So it's improving my German and kind of improving my Spanish? (but mainly making me more motivated/excited to learn it)

10/10 would definitely recommend.

May 24, 2018



Hmm, interesting idea! Babylon Berlin is a show set in Germany and it's in German! You can put German subtitles on if you're comfortable with that or English.


I liked Babylon Berlin (particularly that incredible song) although it did get preeetty silly after a while! Have you seen Deutschland 83? That's better I think

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fernbamber - I am always searching for good Netflix shows because of the language options. I just read the premise of Jane the Virgin on Wiki. I would probably never have checked it out but it does sound intriguing. Thanks so much.

EDIT: I just checked it out and it only had English and Spanish audio and subtitles here in the States. Maybe later we can get it with German options, or I can start learning Spanish. ;-)


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