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Swedish En/Ett words

I'm learning Swedish and am a little confused about where and how I'm supposed to use en or ett words. I've seen people explain it, but still am very confused. Kan man hjlp min? [Hope I did that right.]

May 24, 2018



Some words have patterns but not all. Language is created by humans. Normally you just learn "en man" and "ett kaffe" without any pattern.

These are some patterns (but notice they are complex and not easy to remember):

Words ending with -are, -dom, -het, -lek, -ing, -ling, -ning, are en-words

Words ending with -döme, -eri, -on, -ment, -um, -eum, ium are ett-words


There are also exceptions, like ett altare (https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altare). Try to find more :)


Thanks! It helped a lot;]

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