New here

Hello guys! any German Speakers or German bginners here? please join my Club nad or friend me =] my club code is: PFZRZ7

May 24, 2018


Hi! I am a beginner in German as well! You have a club?

hello yes i do its new and im the only one there hope to invite german beginners would you like to join?

Sure! One question first though, and sorry it is an odd one, but can I request that there be no inappropriate talk or cursing involved in the club chats and activities?

of course! only German relatted topics and friendly things =]

Thanks! Then yes I would love to join! Just give me your club code

i added you already and im posting the code in the head message

the club is full :(

apologies i had no idea so many peple would join it i can friend and folow you =]

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