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"In the summer, I want to go to Bohemia."

Translation:V létě chci jet do Čech.

May 25, 2018



Bohemia jsou Čechy? Je to dobře? Thaks


This is not a czech question. But. Where exactly is Bohemia?


i did that. but still not sure. I live IN Germany quite close to the czech border and I thought that Bohemia was a region in Czech. that no moer is. I will have to ask my friends about that-


You can also read the German version https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%B6hmen All the information is there including the map and the history. It is a historical region, not a current political district.


A historical region. That's what I thought. I just asked because it is a part of the course . So I thought it was an existing region.


Well, like like Saxony? Does it still exist or not? It is now in two different federal lands. So is it an existing region? Is Ruhrgebiet an existing region? It is divided into several federal lands... Is Rheinland an existing region? The land is Rheinland-Pfalz...

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