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  5. "wej boqor paq vIlaD."

"wej boqor paq vIlaD."

Translation:I have not read Bokor's book yet.

May 25, 2018



This sentence is potentially a little confusing, because the English perfects are mostly used in this course to translate the Klingon perfective aspect. Not just that, the perfect is usually demanded. Since "yet" usually demands a perfect in English, does the Klingon sentence work with "vIlaDpu'"?


The fact that this course equates Klingon perfective and English perfect is a travesty. They are, of course, not even close to the same thing. This false equivalence should not be taught. It is, by far, my number one criticism of the content of this course.

The sentence would work just fine with -pu'. The sentence as given means it is not yet the case that you are involved in reading the book; the sentence with -pu' would mean it is not yet the case that you are FINISHED reading the book. The English sentence could mean either one of these.


You're right; that's confusing.

I've replaced this sentence with wej boqor paq vIlaDpu'.

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