"Zanzibar hakuna kipindupindu"

Translation:There is no cholera in Zanzibar

May 25, 2018

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Why aren't the uses of "hakuna" translated as "does not have" instead of "there is no"? Wouldn't that be more accurate? Or am I misunderstanding the Swahili?


It would not be more accurate. Hakuna is the standard translation of "there is no". But I can see the argument for the translation "does not have", since Zanzibar is a place and can therefore be seen as a pa-ku-mu subject.


On checking my notes, 'Zanzibar has no cholera' was given as the correct answer earlier in the course. Now it is incorrect.


Would you say 'on Hawaii' or 'in Hawaii'? I would say 'in', but I'm not American. What would Barack Obama say?!

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