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  5. "I am eight years old."

"I am eight years old."

Translation:Yo tengo ocho años.

May 25, 2018



Why tengo not yo soy ?


Because in Spanish, you say "I have __ years." when you talk about how old you are. It's just a difference in phrasing between the two languages.


Because soy is a permanent quality. You are only a certain age for 1 year.


To understand why you say "tengo tres años" you need to know that cumpleaños means completed years. Thus you have (completed) three years.


'Tengo' = have 'Yo soy' = I am


Why do you sometimes have to use yo and others you don't?


And cumpleaños translates as birthday. So I believe tufteboy¹ is saying the Spanish meaning is that, on reaching your third birthday, you have three years of your life completed.

I think also that your age is viewed something you possess, so it is something you have (achieved) rather than something you are, as is said in English.

Other examples using "to have … " expressing age:
Mi bebé tiene tres meses. "My baby is three months old."
Mi perrito tiene quince días. "My puppy is fifteen days old."
Esta casa tiene tres siglos. "This house is three centuries old."

¹ https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27411072?comment_id=28014572


"Tengo ocho años de edad" why did the tip show this sentence? is it correct?


Why tengo and not yo tengo


It is not wrong but not used unless you want to emphasize that it is you that are of a certain age. Seldom used by native speakers.


The hints are wrong

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