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"You don't need a taxi."

Translation:Tú no necesitas un taxi.

2 months ago



I am confused about when to use necesitas and necesita.

2 months ago

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Marion, it's from the verb necesitar - to need.

If you remember your present tense verb conjugations:

yo necesito - I need

tú necesitas - you need

él necesita - he needs

usted necesita - you need

ella necesita - She needs

ellos necesitan - they need

So, tú no necesitas un taxi - you don't need a taxi.

It could also have been usted no necesita un taxi, 'you don't need a taxi' using the Usted you formal form.

Just don't forget to match the conjugations correctly:

tú necesitas, usted necesita

2 months ago


Why they used precisa..???and why not necesita

1 month ago


i wrote "no necesitas un taxi" and it was marked wrong that it should be "no precisa un taxi"! something isnt right

1 month ago


You need to add the Tú.

1 month ago