Feminine form of Soy nino, bebo leche

Would the feminine form of the top sentence be Soy nina, bebe leche?

7 months ago


Simple, you add/change final "o" of both determiner and substantive/adjective into "a":

Soy una niƱa, bebo leche

"Bebo" is first person singular (present indicative) for both genders.

7 months ago
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No. The verb conjugation form doesn't change according to gender, it changes according to the speaker - I, you, he/she, they, we etc.

So the conjugation for beber, to drink in your example would be:

Yo soy un nino, bebo leche. I am a boy, I drink milk. And

Yo soy una nina, bebo leche. I am a girl, I drink milk.

7 months ago
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