"Las mujeres estudian español en Cuba."

Translation:The women are studying Spanish in Cuba.

May 25, 2018



I don't believe this is the correct translation. It should be "The women study Spanish in Cuba."

Due to the fact that "are studying" implies at this moment, I think that the translation is incorrect. To me, the Spanish translation of the given answer would be: "Las mujeres están estudiando español en Cuba."

June 16, 2018


Remember that the present tense (indicative) in Spanish means three things.

Tú hablas inglés. You speak English. You do speak English. You are speaking English. Las mujeres estudian español en Cuba. The women study Spanish in Cuba. The women do study Spanish in Cuba. The women are studying Spanish in Cuba. All three variations are actually correct.

August 1, 2018


But what then, is the difference between estudian and estudiando?

November 19, 2018


For example if I am asked what language am I studying this semester I would say "(yo) estudio español" (I am studying Spanish) but if I am actually studying at that moment I would say "(yo) estoy estudiando español". The difference is are you doing it right now.

January 28, 2019


Multiple choice. "Esrudiar estudian and estudia" all mean study but don't. I didn't know which to choose lol

July 26, 2018


Estudiar=to study, estudio=I study, estudias=you (tú) study, estudia=he, she, you (usted) studies, estudian= they, you (ustedes) study

December 11, 2018


Oh, and estudiamos=we study

December 11, 2018


Estudiar = to study, Estudian = they study, Estudia = He, She, It studies

January 22, 2019


'The women study Spanish on Cuba'' is incorrect... Cuba is an island, right?

November 2, 2018


Yes. However, we're not referring to it as an island. In this, we classify it as a location.

November 7, 2018


What isthe difference between estudiamos and estudian

November 21, 2018


Estudiamos=we study, estudian=they, you (ustedes) study

December 11, 2018


Why"in" instead of cuba

April 24, 2019


of Cuba = de Cuba.

However if you meant, Las mujeres estudian español Cuba. that would translate more like The women study Cuba Spanish. and not really make sense.

Maybe Las mujeres estudian español cubanos. to state, The women are studying Cuban Spanish. but I am not sure that is a true dialect.

September 9, 2019


Why isn't correct "Women are studying Spanish in Cuba." ? You always use the word "the", even when you don't have to.

August 26, 2019


That seems a rather broad statement. I would then ask, What women?

I understand we don't have the full context of the sentence but doubt you would speak of all women as studying Spanish in Cuba.

September 9, 2019
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