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"Nosotros no somos jugadores de fútbol."

Translation:We are not soccer players.

May 25, 2018



Is the nosotros necessary here? Would it also be correct to say "No somos jugadores de futbol?"


The nosotros isn't necessary at all. It's usually dropped.


Doesn't that help with gender? I guess that would only apply if 2 or more females says this.

So how would we write it to show it was 2+ males?


There is no specific "all-male" form in Spanish. You only have all-female, and not all-female. Including the pronoun nosotros/as isn't necessary even for distinguishing the gender, since the same gender distinction will be shown on the noun:

  • all-female: (Nosotras) no somos jugadoras de fútbol.
  • any other case: (Nosotros) no somos jugadores de fútbol.

If you want to specifically mention that all of us are men, think about how you'd do it in English: "we men are ..." - "nosotros, los hombres, somos".


Thank. Very clear and helpful.


2 males for sure I think


it's because of the (S) just found out there are 2, player and players


"We are not players of football."

Why is this incorrect?


Because thats is not how you say it in English. Its gramatically correct, but in reality no one speaks like that.


I answered: 'we are not football players' and was marked incorrect. Giving the correct answer as:'we are not soccer players'. !!!!! I would appreciate a moderator explaining to me where I was incorrect. Is not the Spanish word futobol translated into English as football?


To echo what RyagonIV said, it's just not in the database yet.

Fútbol means soccer or football, depending on what dialect of English you speak. Neither is wrong.


I did also, sometimes it works and sometimes soccer works, irritating.


Hi, I'm not a moderator, but I guess it's faulty programming. Especially on mobile, Duo frequently only accepts one exact answer, and I think it happens if your internet connection phases out during a lesson. Duo has trouble resynchronising.

That said, "We are not football players" is a totally fine translation.


That's the answer I gave as well " We are not football players"


When do I use "es" and when "as" on the end of jugador?


Jugardores is the plural of jugador, referring to an all-male, mixed-gender, or general group of players. Jugadoras is the plural of jugadora, referring to an all-female group of players.


Excuse me, but why do I have to add the pronoun to the sentence??? I live in Mexico, speak very good Spanish, and I never have to add a pronoun. Even my Spanish teachers told me it was fine to exclude the pronoun if I was conjugating the word, "No somos jugadores de futbol" (I have no accents on my keyboard...)


Was it a listening task? In that case, you have to match the spoken sentence exactly. Otherwise it's a fine sentence. The pronoun isn't necessary.


It was an English to Spanish written task...


I think that Duo is requiring us to use the plural subject pronouns so that we will learn them. Then we'll understand what people are saying when they choose to use a subject pronoun to make a statement clearer.

Duo will probably use the plural subject pronouns less frequently after we've had lots of practice learning them. (That's what they did when we were learning the singular subject pronouns.)


In many other English language countries, it is called football, not soccer. Football players should not be considered wrong.


When do we use somos? And when do we use estamos??


I put "We don't play football" and I'm not sure why that's not a natural translation, although I realize it doesn't pick up the word "players"


It's a natural sentence, but not a good translation. The original sentence is talking about what you are. You're talking about what you play.

[deactivated user]

    Las vs Los?


    Las is for plural feminine nouns, and los is for plural masculine nouns or mixed-gender groups.


    Fútbol = soccer Fútbol americano = football


    There are conflicting explanations of the origin of the word "football". It is widely assumed that the word "football" (or the phrase "foot ball") refers to the action of the foot kicking a ball.[13] There is an alternative explanation, which is that football originally referred to a variety of games in medieval Europe, which were played on foot. There is no conclusive evidence for either explanation.


    Did anyone else think the audio sounded like "Nosotros no somos jugadores A fútbol." I knew it should be "de" and still got it right (and verified by listening to it slowly... but can anyone explain why it sounded like that?


    I swear I heard ,,a futbol" instead of ,,de futbol" at the end of the sentence. Sometimes the listening parts are very unclear.


    You did. You are not going mad! I heard the same. It's means we have to translate the meaning of the sentence instead of exactly what we hear. So we have to correct for the speakers' pronunciation and our own knowledge about what is the correct word. Something I am finding very difficult. No wonder learning a new language is difficult. Good luck with your studies.


    my answer was "we are not players of soccer." I feel that this should be accepted, right or wrong?


    What is the difference between "jugadores" and "jugadoras"?


    Jugadores (plural of jugador) is the masculine form, referring to an all-male group or mixed-gender group of players. Or a group where you don't care about genders. Jugadoras (plural of jugadora) is the feminine form, referring to an all-female group of players.


    We are not players of Soccer why this is not correct?


    That sounds very un-English.


    Maybe this was already asked way down below, but part of the answer to this question is "jugadores de futbol" so I was wondering if it could also be a "jugadoras de futbol"--feminine? I was marked wrong for putting "jugadoras". Or is it just assumed that it should be masculine players?


    If you start with nosotros, you also have to say jugadores. Both these words need to be in the masculine form here.

    But you can also say "Nosotras no somos jugadoras de fútbol" if you're part of an all-female group of (non-)players.


    what does somos mean?


    Somos is the nosotros conjugation of the verb ser, "to be", so it means "we are".


    Duo went ham on them folks. (Base in that voice)


    Why fútbol is said Soccer here. And, they didn't accept if said football


    Neela, Duolingo mainly uses American English, and if an American hears the word "football", they have a different game in mind, namely American football. Association football (i.e. fútbol, i.e. the globally more popular sport) is commonly called "soccer" there.

    Translating fútbal as "football" should be accepted, though.


    This audio is confusing, it is difficult to tell whether she is saying jugadores or jugadoras?


    How do you say football in Spanish, if fútbol is soccer?


    I believe it is futbol americano (I have no accents on computer)


    Excuse me, but in this session, 'jugador' was used also as 'jugadora' and 'jogadores'... What is the difference? Is jugadora a female noun? If so, then what is 'jugadores'?


    Why is " we are not football players" incorrect?


    Just out of curiosity, does Duo accept "footballers" as well?


    Futbol means soccer. Not American football.


    what did i do wrong?


    You need to tell us what you put in order for us to see what you did wrong.


    Isn't soccer and football the same? It gave me football wrong with the correct answer being soccer


    The, "correct translation", is exactly the same as my answer.


    If you are absolutely sure that is the case, and you are also sure you have used the right language for your reply, please advise Duolingo by means of the Report button.

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