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Word lists for all languages

I am learning Spanish through Duolingo. A great support tool is the word list. However, this does not exist for Swedish, or Dutch - which I am teaching through Duolingo.

What would it take for Duolingo to make the 'Words' section available for all languages?

May 25, 2018



Hi Joachim3561,

which I am teaching through Duolingo.

hence you can access the words list of any course(°) through the curriculum page of your classroom in Duolingo for Schools.

(°) I even, just to be sure it's working with any, tested with Catalan from Spanish and Swahili from English, none have the Words feature on www.duolingo.com, and with French from English, which has the Words feature on www.duolingo.com.


I wrote a script for it, here's the info https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28402215

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