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New endless purple medallions suddenly appeared today 25 May 2018

The first time round, after reaching the top of the tree and wanting to improve my fluency level, I reversed the learning process and started learning English from Spanish and encountered a lot more vocabulary. Ironically, though fluent in English, my level is lower than when learning Spanish from English. Then about a couple of months ago, I actually welcomed new medallions appearing, though the task were very time-consuming and tedious at times, with so much repetition. I had almost reached the beginning of the last batch of medallions, with still a huge amount of exercises to get through and weeks of work, but was determined to reach the top of the tree again. Then all of a sudden this evening, Friday 25 May 2018, a whole lot of purple medallions flooded my area from top to bottom. This is very off-putting given the colossal amount of time I was already spending on Spanish at the expense of other languages that I aimed to learn. Whilst previously I took courage and just wanted to press on and get to the end, now the end clearly is unreachable, as there is the uncertainty that I will ever finish it and life is too short to spend that amount of time on Spanish alone. I will from now reverse my learning process and proceed at the normal pace that I initially set for myself, which is the minimum in each language per day, and which I had completely ignored last time the medallions appeared; not this time though!!! Duo what is going on? Also Duo, please note that Crowns do not mean anything compared to the previous fluency level that the platform showed. Added to that is the fact that Level 25 is the maximum reachable on this platform. Duo this is very demoralising. You need to allow a learner to reach the set goal before setting new ones mid-stream. Has anyone else encountered these new purple medallions?

May 25, 2018



Another wave of endless whinging incoming hahaha
(No offense on you, i mostly mean the new learners with level 10 or less)

If you doing these refreshing practices each day just to get done with it; better leave rn.

I'm happy that we getting more stuff, it helps turn off my brain from daily bs at the end of the day (or even at work). It'll be golden one day but if not, then not, so what


As far as I know, purple means new, i.e. you got the enhanced version of the tree, with more lessons in it. That's if I understand you correctly.


Not enhanced at all. For example, you get 3 flashcards of a mobile, a suitcase and taxi and have to choose which one is a phone! It has gone back to basics.


You obviously have not encountered what I received. There is no progression in those new purple medallions, as it goes back to zero with flashcards showing single items, when I had already reached 62% fluency in the language months ago. I would have welcome more advanced medallions once I finished the maximum in each of the current ones. Then would have felt that I had crossed a threshold and graduated to a new level. These new purple ones have just taken everything to basics, as if I were at level 0.


Yeah, what's happened is, you've been moved over to the new Spanish Tree being rolled out. This has added a significant number of new lessons to your existing tree.

Having looked on your progress page: https://duome.eu/Moley0603/progress/

You will now see at top right Crowns: 186/567, the first figure shows how many Crowns you've achieved but the second figure shows the total number of Crowns to get. Now compare that to my current tree which is the older one with 136/307 total Crowns to get: https://duome.eu/spiceyokooko/progress/

These two trees clearly show the older tree and the new tree and the additional lessons.

I just wish duolingo would roll out the new Spanish Tree for everyone rather than the ad hoc basis they seem to be doing it as.


When they first rolled out the new Spanish tree in January, it was given to volunteers. It had a ton of problems. It looks like it's progress that they are now testing it with "involunteer" beta testers. The next step would be to roll it out to everybody.

The new material is mostly a re-organization of existing material, although there is some new vocabulary. On the bright side, the new skills mostly have only 4 lessons each. The difficulty is that those items start out with zero strength, so you'll have to do months of practice with them before Duolingo concludes that you've learned them, and decay finally slows down.

That 25 is the maximum level is meaningless. They just stop bumping up the level number, but nothing else changes.


The level 0 and 1 only have four lessons but is that true as levels increase?

Even so, as you say, it adds a huge number of lessons to the tree. Perhaps we should just forget about completing it and only work on the skills that interest us. But they sure have stifled the incentive!


The new tree added 57 new categories at level 0. By my estimate that adds about 80,000 individual questions to the goal of completing the tree. I agree that this is demoralizing. Just when I saw some hope of getting all categories up to level 5, now the task is impossible.

The app does provide a quick test to bypass the first 21 new categories. But completing it only moves you up to level 1 in them. The other 36 are still at level 0. The least they should offer are quick tests to advance additional levels to avoid the drudgery of slogging through really basic and boring material.


Quite. I had meticulously worked to level 5 on each medallion to V.Inf.1 and had only Ir.Future to do before passing the checkpoint to the last section, which would still have taken a few months. I had eased up on my other languages to conquer the highest level in Spanish and looking forward to doing the same in the others; now this is jeopardising everything as it has become the impossible task. I also note that there is no goal and no tree to conquer anymore as the last task comes to an abrupt end. There is also no way of judging one's level of fluency. Duo, I am sure that you can do better!


Wow, just wow! This new crown system sounds better and better by the second! I didn't get the new tree yet, but from what you're saying, I don't really want it. 57 new categories? Do they at least bring something new to the table or are they the same old content reorganized and split down into many more categories than needed? I mean for instance "travel" - does it include anything more than hotel, plane, flight, airport, bus, room, etc? And is "restaurant" any different than the "food" category or did they just rename it?


I too had my heart sink at the first sighting of all the purple medallions today. Then I remembered: The actual goal is fluency, not completing the tree. I then became excited about the new path being offered and started skipping down it again. :)


Good attitude. I have decided to just ignore all the purple and carry on where I left off.


Yes! I'm mixing in new (from where I left off) with new (but regressive) purple medallions. It's actually turning out to be a nice refresher and also a confidence booster. (I blow through them with 0 errors in record time.) I've actually learned a more than I realized! :)

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