"jiné náměstí"

Translation:different square

May 25, 2018

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In the audio, the pronunciation of the letter 't' in náměstí sounds like a letter 'k' . Is this standard or a regional sound?

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It is standard but if your native language lacks this sound, you may have trouble distinguishing from K. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiceless_palatal_stop


What's the difference between náměstí and čtverec?

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čtverec is a geometrical shape

náměstí is an open space in a town, often in the centre


Are there any rules of thumb about what endings different words will have in singular that may indicate if they are masculine, feminine, or neutral? Or do you just need memorise them? I'm having a hard time remembering which words go with which gender.


Yes, there are. They are explained in the tips section of this skill (Neuter) and in the other two of the same level (Masculine and Feminine). In order to be able to see the Tips sections, you must be using Duolingo on a browser (either on a computer or a tablet/smartphone) but not on the app, because there are no Tips on the app for the time being.

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