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What Happened to My Crowns and Lessons?

When I quit Duolingo last night 5/24/2018) I had passed two checkpoints, completed five levels in 22 lessons and had almost 150 crowns. When I open Duolingo this afternoon (5/25/2018) I haven't passed any checkpoints, I've completed five levels in only nine lessons and I'm down to 100 crowns. What happened? Did this happen to everyone? Or am I just that special?

May 25, 2018



It looks like you've been moved over to the new tree:



I just got it, too. This must be the new Spanish tree. My friend, we just got upgraded.


It doesn't feel like an upgrade. It feels like they're saying "We need to put you back in 2nd grade and we're not going to tell you why."


It is possible you got the new Spanish tree. It's been announced a few months back and seems to be getting rolled out to all users now.


I get email reminders to do a lesson, they could've sent a group email explaining or reminding what was about to happen. That would've been very appreciated.


It happened to me also, and I was close to finishing my tree!! I think it´s cool that they add new lessons, but very frustrating to have to redo lessons that I already had completed :/


These changes without warning are frustrating ...and now it seems that any new words I learn are not added to the "words" section next to "home." That is so helpful to be able to go to the list and review new words. Frustrating!!


I guess you're special, because it didn't happen to me. I'm sorry it happened, though.


About the same here, feels a bit strange to go back to the starting levels and ten-question lessons. But my checkpoints still show as passed, otherwise I'd try to test out of the initial ones :)


I had a similar experience. Very frustrating. It would be very helpful if Duo lingo would send an e-mail round explaining what they are at. I knew the crowns were happening and that was fine but the sudden loss of crowns was just irritating when there was no explanation.


I have two trees going. Yesterday on one, I had 183 crowns and this morning I have 150. Not only that but two levels that I had maxed out to level 5 are now not even shown. All the colors have changed. One thing I don't like is that I haven't found any criteria in Duolingo so that i can understand what a crown means, what's the maximum. I don't think my fluency dropped by 1/6th overnight and the other tree still shows that I have 177 crowns. I don't like that the exercises have gotten easier. It's like i must add "2 + 2 = 4" 40 times to max out one subject. I typically make only one error per 20 questions and it is always I didn't hear it right, spelling, or a typo. I recommend to Duolingo that you put some explanation and explanation of criteria into the program rather than just having arbitrary changes.


You'll get your crowns back quick and be better at Spanish when you do. There's 115 lessons now instead of 61, and the early lessons have words I don't remember seeing before. But yeah, would be nice with an official post explaining what the exact improvements are.


So there are a lot more lessons now? I have been working only on Spanish and was on 3 crowns except for 8 which were 2 crowns and about 6 which were 4 crowns. So if it is because they are giving me more lessons, I don't get the rationale behind taking me from 174 crowns to 147 because they added lessons, wouldn't all lessons be worth the same crowns????


As I understand it, the option called "Practice" draws from all lessons. Hope that is right. But there has been so many arbitrary changes, that for the future, I am not going to go after streaks, crowns, lesson modules, levels, making lessons so simple and repetitive, or any other of the gimicks. Basically, I don't much like their arbitrary changes. But the practice option may still be usable. The program is much less usable for me than it was before.

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