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Ahoj! Czech Word List?

Ahoj dobry clovek! Ja jsem Tanner a... je to Cesky seznam slov?

Hello good person (I haven't learned the word for people yet). I am Tanner and I am wondering if there is a Czech word list somewhere like some of the other languages have. Does anybody know of one?

I am moving to CR in a few months and am trying to obtain an intermediate level of Czech before I go (at least enough to talk to people/grocery shop/get drinks/ and make friends.

Also I don't know why this says my Czech is level 2, on my profile it's 6.

May 26, 2018



The word you're looking for is "lidé".

Unfortunately, the word list is a feature only the original courses made in-house by Duolingo have and Czech is not one of them. You could try looking for lists of basic vocabulary on google or see if one has been published as a text book.

Good luck with your studies and your moving.


Thanks man, I'll definitely look for one online. Bummer that only the original courses have them though because it's a super cool feature.

Nice streak by the way! And nice levels, I'm trying to get up there.


I know quite a few words so I am using a notebook and writing each sentence. I write all the sentences sorted by topic and within the topic page, I put the sentences in groups by verb. It gives me practice reading Czech.


Hi Tanner, while I don't know much about the word list, (I'm having enough trouble getting the words on the tree inside my head and I haven't been looking around), I can certainly talk about levels.

There is the crown level on one's profile page which I think is probably related to the sum of all the levels of all skills. I think this is somewhat new. Then there is this learning level next to your name which is old. In the past I think you get promoted to higher level if your xp reaches a certain number.


Yeah I think so. Nice level 14 by the way!


Having lived in Czech now for about 8 months, I can tell you to learn these few verbs in singular form and 2nd person plural. They will get you by in most basic conversations, at least to get your point across. mít, dělat, vědět, jít, chtít, and moct. Then just learn nouns as you need them.

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