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keeping my streak alive

I will be in Shanghai for a few days.I am worried about losing my streak there.What do I do?

May 26, 2018



It depends. If you have internet there, try to be sure to do Duolingo during that time. If you won't, and the freezes won't help, I guess your only other option is to buy plus before then, download enough lessons, and remember to do them.


How does Duolingo Plus keep the streak?


Just find someone you trust to keep your streak while you are traveling. Set it to just one point and it is that.


Have you reached out to Duolingo about this? I doubt you'd get a timely answer but it's definitely the best choice. Otherwise, I suggest you contact the travel coordinator & ask them about reliable internet availability. For example, is there internet access where you are staying? Is it only available during certain hours? Most definitely change your Duo password so it is not the same as any other account since you will be dependent on strange networks. Change your settings to the lowest available. BUY STREAK FREEZES. Worst case scenario: Entrust a good friend to doing your bare minimum daily tasks, or even have them buy more streak freezes on your behalf.

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