One more week and I am done with my German 1, can't wait to enroll for German 2. Duolingo helped me a lot.

May 26, 2018


Das ist sehr gut! Carry on studying!

Woow really amazing

that's nice, what are the other sources you learn German from?

I also use rosetta stone and babbel.

You should use Memrise, they have quite a few courses based on all languages including German.

Will try that, thank you!

Memrise was so confusing for me I don’t know why.

I think duo is better than rosetta stone is kind of a disappointment to me

I only use rosetta for additional credit but I prefer duo tbh.

its too hard for me to learn German cuz im Persian at first and theres no one to talk him/her . but thank you dulingo! im learning german and English both at same time hahahah

High five! That's good to know. Keep up the good work :)

Gut gemacht!

Danke schön! :)

Super und weiter so! : )

german 2? whats that about? is there a 2nd level?

it's basically like A2 in german course.

where do you find that`? in duolingo i can only see 1 german course

Oh sorry, I should've been more specific. I meant German class in my uni not duolingo.

Ah now makes more sense. Cheers. Good luck

Zwölf tagen mer, und ich will fange an mit Deutsch drei. Ich finde das Deutsch schwierig ist

In case you want to be corrected, otherwise just ignore me:
Noch zwölf Tage und dann werde ich mit Deutsch 3 anfangen. Ich finde, dass Deutsch schwierig ist.
(We don't use the construct [period of time] + more in German. The an- of anfangen doesn't go anywhere, because the sentence has a Hilfsverb (werden)... assuming that's what's meant by 'will'.)

ha ha, ups.. weil es schwierig ist.. vielen dank...

I'm working so hard to learn German! I want to have a base knowledge for when I visit there this Autumn! Good job and congrats!

Please go to the Black Forest for me. My mom said that everyone should go, at least once in their life. Have a nice trip!

I visited Germany last December, and didn't have any knowledge about their language. I totally suggest that you should learn because everything is written in German ---any places you go there. Good luck and have fun! :)

Wow congrats!!


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