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Is there any way to get audio for this course?

I had attempted to start the Swahili course before, but the lack of audio is such a hurdle for me learning a new language, as I'm very much an audio learner. Has this problem been fixed? Have I just been using the wrong browser all along?

May 26, 2018



No, I am too awaiting audio integration for Swahili, have tried the app and all browsers ( from fire-fox to Opera) and yet still nothing. I really wish we had audio!!


No, they were supposed to add audio, but never did. Just like they never corrected the atrocious grammar in the course.


Atrocious grammar? The 'Swahili' itself is incorrect? I was going to try the course anyways and use audio from elsewhere, but if it's that bad...not even worth it.


I can't really judge if swahili part of it is correct, but I think it is. I meant the english grammar in the answers. It is very frustraiting when you give a correct answer and it's marked wrong because they expect an answer that is completely gramaticaly wrong.


you're right, the grammar is not the best. And I feel like they're majorly failing people who genuinely want to learn the language, I think it's so easy to get the pronunciation of words since it's such a phonetic language! Literally every word is pronounced exactly as it's written and vice versa


Thanks for the clarification. Guess I'll try some other resources for now & see what happens with this course.

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