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"The child is across the river"

Translation:Mtoto yupo ng'ambo ya mto

May 26, 2018



yuko vs yupo: I'm very very new to Swahili. But, the lesson says po is specific and ko is general. So, they must be talking in a context of a specific place, not the entire hundreds of miles of riverside (but not inside a building: mo). (?) Perhaps he is on the bank directly across, or at a bridge crossing, or in the other side of a village that straddles the river? Is there a native that can confirm this?


Why yupo and not yuko?


Why yupo at all???


Yeah why is yupo and not yuko?


mtoto ni ngambo mto? where is this yupo coming from?


You can’t use ni to say where someone is. For locations, you need yupo/yuko/yumo (or sometimes just yu)

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