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Changes to Spanish tree and lost crowns.... OK with me, but how about a little warning?

I was shocked to see that I had lost half of my crowns. There were purple circles! I was just getting used to crowns in general. Why all the changes? Why doesn't DuoLingo find a way to tell us when changes are coming?

Many recent changes have ultimately been good and I support them once I understood what they were meant to achieve. Please find a way to warn us when you are changing something. Thank you.

May 26, 2018



It's always been like this when when trees are upgraded. You can have completed a tree and when new lessons are added, you lose your golden owl until you go back and do the new lessons. It's ok, there really usually is new information in the new lessons (sometimes not), and you'll learn more stuff. I would like some sort of automated email for languages i'm learning or have completed, though, so I know when I need to go back and work on things again.


wow! that's a lot of languages... I can see how it might be hard to keep track of lol


This is not the same issue though, it’s not just a change, it’s a random loss of progress. You work to get up to level 3 on dozens of lessons, and then suddenly you are bumped down to level zero on 30 lessons, and have lost 30crowns. Meaning to get to the same level you had already attained you have to go through dozens of those “I am a man” “I drink milk” “boy, girl” lessons just to get to the level where you had been working on higher level skillls.


My dog is large? Tu hermana? My cat is pretty?

Why did I get sent back to first grade??????


Agree! It’s is exactly like being put in the beginning class after you were in the higher level advanced class and really learning in it!


Hold it, which Spanish course got the upgrade? I haven't seen any in either Spanish for English speakers or English for Spanish speakers.


A new Spanish for English tree is being rolled out. Not everybody has it yet. You'll eventually get it.


Glad I didn't get too far with that one yet ;)


I'm assuming it is probably what some of us have been beta testing for a few months now... It's good. Lots more A1 and A2 level vacab that duo was previously missing... I think it;s something like 40 ish new lessons


I actually had been away for quite a while and just restarted a couple of weeks ago, so I need to go back through my lessons anyway - good to know about the new tree


No one expects the spanish inquisition... i mean new tree


This response is the best one yet! I always appreciate a little Monty Python reference. :-)


jajajjaajaja! Good one :3


...Okay, so let's bury this one in lingots.


I too lost over 40 crowns. I really like the new tree and I understand losing the owl. But my crowns.........


I can see additions to the trees, but why penalize us on our progress? Why should I lose crowns?


I guess I'll agree with others: don't really mind the upgrades, just wish they would've emailed a heads-up. I'm still trying to figure out how to best utilize this crown system as a whole with my language routine.


It's strange that you wrote this post 6 days ago as long as I've experienced the new Spanish Tree only right now. Yesterday everything was okay.

I agree with you that Duolingo should somehow warn us about the tree upgrades because I had goosebumps when saw everything changed. The only emails I receive from Duo are the answers-to-my-questions notifications.


I am still waiting for the change. Would like it to happen sooner rather than later so that I don't lose the crowns I get in the meantime


What would be the point of a warning? You couldn’t take avliding action. Although in a way Duo does warn us as they usually do A/B tests which is a good indicator that changes are likely to happen.


A/B tests? Is this the "extra credit" quiz I'm sometimes asked to do on the mobile app?


A/B tests are how Duolingo experiments with its features. Some users will have a certain feature or variation of a feature (and they are Group A) while other users won't have that feature or they'll have a different variation (and these users are Group B). Duolingo then analyzes how each group performed due to the differences, and then they give the more beneficial feature to everyone. They constantly have ongoing A/B tests.


I'm also doing the Spanish tree (English->Spanish), but I have not (yet) lost crowns.
Perhaps I'll lose them later on today, or tomorrow, or maybe it's just a bug.

I agree with you that Duolingo needs to find a way to communicate with the users, prior to implementing changes.

I guess this is just the way Duolingo communicates with their userbase.


How do we know if we have the old tree or the new? Can you tell from this? https://duome.eu/fractalfriendzy/progress


If you just lost half your crowns and you now have more uncompleted lessons than completed ones, you have the new tree



This one is the old EN-SP tree.

The NEW tree has over 500 lessons.


If you still have the medals that turn gold for each lesson, that's the old one.


Lose a few crowns, gain a lot of Spanish. I am totally cool with this change and send a big THANK YOU!!! to the Duofolk who made it happen. (Do French next!! :-D )


But really, how does it make you want to earn crowns if they just randomly disappear?


I don't want to earn crowns, I want to learn Spanish. That is the motivation. Crowns are just symbols.


I am working on my third time through the tree. I really don't care about crowns or the way my tree looks. In fact, if duolingo doesn't have an influx of new material to learn in Spanish, I'll just leave. After all my primary reason here is to improve my Spanish and Duolingo has more than fulfilled that purpose.

As for giving you warning? You didn't get all those emails? You didn't see all those discussion posts? I guess I'm an outlier because duolingo hammered me over the head with those notices. It's okay, I appreciate that I guess. I just never knew how attached people were to that stuff.


I agree that the change is good, but unlike you, I did not get a single notice. And no, I don't follow all the discussion boards on this topic. Thank you!


I even got a big flashing notice that asked if I wanted to change over to the new system. I don't recall any mention of crowns though probably because I was just excited for new material.


Nope... didn't get that either. I must not be as valued a user. :-(


Or you were just clicking through them..that's possible right? Slow it down man.


I don't really care about crowns either, but I do care about past and future tense, conditionals, object pronouns and the like.

Later lessons are predicated on what you completed in earlier lessons. So now if I don't go back and do hundreds of new basic exercises, I'm screwed. I really, really need the practice with the intermediate and advanced topics. I can always pick up new vocabulary words whenever I need them.


Not really, you can always hover over any words you don't recognize. If there is a new grammar topic higher (lower?) in the tree, you can work on just that, then skip the vocabulary stuff. And when they change the tree, they usually don't lock the new lessons, or they didn't during the last go round of the improved Spanish tree, or the new lessons in the Dutch tree, most of which changed. You can still pick whichever lesson you feel needs to be worked on most.


The problem is that in many lessons, what has happened is that if one was at level three the progress was arbitrarily lost and the lesson level was bumped down to zero. So the learner who has achieved a higher level and is leaning new things in figuratively bumped down to first grade where they have to plod through Dick and Jane again. I have wasted days just slogging back to level two. I could have been sharpening more advanced skills. It really is like being put in a basic class after you have finished an advanced class. And BtW, the hover over any word to f8nd out what it means option is over. Only words in yellow can be clicked on to reveal their meaning.


There's going to be at least some new content in all of the lessons that turned purple. Do each of them once, don't worry about level two right away, and go back and review at random. I've been through the dutch tree twice, just to review it the second time. When I went back to look at it again, 3/4 of the lessons were showing as crown level zero (currently purple colored) There has been additional vocabulary, and depending on the skill, new grammar practice and new sentences, in each of the skills I've redone, not to speak of the benefit of repetition. So, all in all, it's a good thing. You don't have to grind away to level two in a single session, that is utterly boring. Don't get so hung up on crowns, this is a learning app.


no puedo comprederlo yo tampoco. Yo no veo como proseguir despues el primero arbol


yes I have just had it happen to me

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