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"Mom always cooks good food."

Translation:Mamá siempre cocina buena comida.

3 months ago



I swapped buena & comida to "comida buena". Is that not applicable?

3 months ago

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It was marked correct for me on 6/16/18 and gave the above as an alternative correct response : )

3 months ago


I am sure there was a similar sentence where "la" was necessary before comida. Is there a reason why it is not allowed in this one?

2 weeks ago


DL told me that "Siempre mamá cocina comida buena." was incorrect because the correct answer is "Má siempre cocina comida buena."!! "Má"!! Reported 8/26/18.

4 weeks ago


Carolynjoy - because the sentence is referring to food IN GENERAL the article is not required.

2 weeks ago


That seems to be opposite the rule I learned about Spanish definite articles. This page suggests otherwise:

"With generic nouns: These are nouns that refer to a concept or to a substance in general or a member of a class in general, rather than a specific one (where the article would be required in both languages). No preferiría el despotismo. (I wouldn't prefer despotism.) El trigo es nutritivo. (Wheat is nutritious.) Los americanos son ricos. (Americans are rich.)"


2 weeks ago


You don't know my Mother. It's her cooking that's good, not the food she cooks.

1 week ago