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A great impact from Duolingo!

Not sure if this post technically belongs in the French forum...

I don't know if anyone remembers, but in the past, I wrote a post concerning my plans on taking a French placement exam at my university. I was incredibly anxious about how I would do on the exam because I have serious performance anxiety and self-doubt. Turns out, I underestimated myself because I did very well. Out of the original five courses I would have to take, I placed out of three, which means I only have to take one school year of French!

I prepared for the exam by using Duolingo, Lingvist, and Clozemaster. Though, I used Duolingo the most. When I graduated from high school, I did not take a language course immediately, so I needed to maintain my French knowledge. Before the Crowns system update, I went to my completed French tree and tried to strengthen skills that were low on bars and reinforce skills I already knew. Suddenly, the French tree was updated with new lessons, which was very convenient for me because it happened right when I needed it. Then, Crowns came along and I will admit that Crowns probably had one of the biggest impacts on my exam performance. Even though I find Crowns more useful for languages I don’t know as well as French, like Romanian and Japanese, the constant repetition was something that really helped me memorize even basic vocab, and knowing that my performance anxiety causes me to forget the most basic pieces of knowledge, I found that helpful. I made a routine in the morning where I would try to practice on Duolingo, practice at least 100 words on Lingvist, and then practice on Clozemaster. I also wrote short writings in French to retain my writing skills.

When the exam came around, I felt prepared, but I worried that I had not properly prepared myself in reality. I mean, I was only using three online sources; I never did any listening practice and I hardly spoke the language. However, my worry was eased when I realized how easy the exam was, but I did take my time on it. I ended up doing much, much better than I had expected, and I give a huge thanks to Duolingo for bringing such beneficial updates to the site that helped me so much! There’s so much I want to give back for what Duolingo has done for me, but as for now, just enjoy this happy picture I drew yesterday that shows my gratitude. ^ ^

Merci beaucoup Duolingo!

May 26, 2018



I am so happy for you that you performed with such wonderful results.. This is truly an inspiration to all who have yet to go through some exams.. You have done an amazing job and all your efforts are your best reward. ;-))


Thank you, birgit! Hearing from you is always a blessing. ^ ^


I'm very happy for you. And I've missed your pictures.



I miss my pictures, too. I am returning with my Duolingo comics, but I just need to find time to actually make final drafts. ^ ^ I was actually hired to illustrate an actual comic, so that has also consumed my time. But, be on the look out for new Duo comics!

[deactivated user]

    Congrats on that hiring Reena... the colouring on the characters turned out very nice. It ads another dimension to your already cool illustrations. :)


    Aw, thanks! I'm glad you like it! I am using a new art program, so I had no idea how the picture would turn out. I guess it went well!


    Oh, I'm so very happy for you! Good news in a cluster, it's so seldom and so beautiful. Seems it's your year, and I wish it's (at least) your decade from now on :) Your post is heart warming, and I think you deserve everything nice.


    Wow... That was so sweet! Thank you! You deserve everything nice too, as well as everyone else!


    Would it be great if the world looked like this thread? Everybody happy for everybody, each rejoiced by others' talent and success…


    The world would be a lot more beautiful if that was the case. ^ ^


    That is wonderful!!! I am beyond happy for you, friend. Keep going! You are not only one of my favorite people, but also a great inspiration. :)


    Thank you so much! Your comment is very touching!


    Fantastic! Good luck with the courses, and your new work. :-]


    Thank you! I will do my best!


    Félicitacions ! You're one of the most dedicated people I've seen on Duolingo... I wish you the best of luck at university.


    Féliciations! That's awesome! and of course love the art!

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