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The color pink

In the Duo exercise for colors you learn that the German word for pink is Pink. I never heard a German use that word. I think the word Rosa is more popular or am I crazy?

May 26, 2018



the word pink is used a lot in germany actually.

rosa and pink are not exactly the same either.



Interesting. I personally have never heard a native German speaker, either in Germany or Austria, call something pink." The link you provided does make it sound like it's a recent addition, and clearly it's an Anglizismus. Personally, I will probably continue to use rosa for pink. In the same way that the English red is used as a general term for a whole spectrum of reddish shades that do have their own specific names, I continue to think of rosa as a general term for pinkish shades, even though those shades might have their own technical names.


I guess the frequency of usage depends on fashion. A couple of years ago when neon was fashionable, you could read/hear "pink" a lot. At the moment it's not so common.

I like the two words. The difference between their meaning is "lautmalerisch": "pink" is in-your-face and "rosa" is soft and fluffy.

I wonder: do female speakers use a wider variety of colour descriptions than men? I've never heard a man say "fliederfarben", "abricot", "mintgr√ľn", or "petrol" unless he was a designer.


it is an Anglizismus yes and until the 80 it wasn't really used in germany but nowadays it is really common.


And the eighties were heavy on neon colors, so you close the circle with AHA :)


"Rosa" does mean pink.


nope rosa and pink are not the same.

Rosa is rose colored. pink is pink

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