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"Tu ne connaissais pas ce cuisinier."

Translation:You did not know that cook.

April 25, 2014



On the drop down for connaissais it says "was knowing" ... That doesn't make sense in English?

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The drop-down hints are just that: hints. You must use your knowledge of the French word and its use to correctly construct an articulate sentence in English. The use of the imperfect tense is a little odd here so the best thing is not to try to make it more complicated: "You did not know that cook."


...to correctly construct an articulate sentence in English AND which closely represents what is being said in French.


Perhaps I'm show ignorance of my native tongue, but I used: used to.

You did not used to know this cook

Is this incorrect or have I been influenced by Goyte? He's somebody that I used to know...


You're right. Verbs in imparfait can be translated into English as "used to verb" and "was verb-ing". However, English seldom if ever allows "was knowing." But "used to read" and "was reading" are both acceptable in English and can actually mean two different thanks. So you must translate to English in a way that makes sense to your ears yet keeps the same meaning implied by the French.


I thought connaître in the imperfect tense means "to meet for the first time?


You may be thinking of "faire la connaissance de"


I've done several searches, but I cannot find an explanation of why I cannot use "ça" here instead of "ce".

"Tu ne connaissais pas ça cuisinier" seems to me like it should be accepted. If not, can someone please explain why not?

Thank you.


You can't use ça that way because it's a pronoun that replaces a noun. Here, you want a word that describes the noun -- a modifier, article, or determiner -- like ce.


Ah, I get now. Thank you!


It says I'm wrong because I translated "ce" as "this" instead of "that." Is it true that the article used in this sentence must be translated as "that"? What word would be used to mean "this?"

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