when do you use et and when est

July 5, 2012


You use "et" when you mean "and". You use "est" when you mean "is". They are both pronounced the same*, so you have to look at the context. There is also "es". Tu es beau. Il est beau. Tu es beau et intelligent. Il est beau et intelligent. I hope this helps.

*Edit - just realised, Sometimes, when people speak formally, you can hear the "T" at the end of "est" and the "S" at the end of "es". You never hear the "T" at the end of "et" - it is called a forbidden liaison.

July 5, 2012
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Mizotte you are wrong, I'm a native speaker.

The uses are correct but "Et" and "Est" have a different prononciation. And you can never hear de T from "est" and the S from "es". Siebot is right on the sounds.

July 7, 2012
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