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Abends werden wir im Hotel essen, weil wir mitten im Nirgendwo sind.


Please could I confirm that the following sentence is correct to mean "In the evening we will eat at the hotel because we are in the middle of nowhere.":

Abends werden wir im Hotel essen, weil wir mitten im Nirgendwo sind.

Any responses/help would be much appreciated Thanks

May 26, 2018



its correct. you could also use am Ende der Welt as Heike said. but mitten im Nirgendwo is ok too.


Confirmed, I also use "mitten im Nirgendwo" every now and then. Probably it made it's way to German without anyone noticing it....


i like "irgendwo im Nirgendwo" better


Side note: I sometimes use "jwd" (pronounced like you spell it out: [jot we: de:]), which is a humorous abbreviation of "janz weit draußen". This is "ganz weit draußen" in a Berlin accent, literally: "very far out", far from the city centre.

I wouldn't use it in the above sentence, though, only for locations (not people) that are remote in relation to "where the action is" and/or in relation to major roads / public transport.


Hi :) I'm not familiar with "mitten im Nirgendwo"; I would rather say "am Ende der Welt" (weil wir hier am Ende der Welt sind).

But there are instances in google, and even a dictionary entry in dct.cc https://www.dict.cc/?s=mitten+im+Nirgendwo


the sentence is correct, the term "mitten im Nirgendwo" sounds familiar, but, as the others said, the usage depends on how you want to express the fact that this place is not the center of the world (and to whom you want to express your feelings). Your term would fit every audience, the one I personally would prefer is, to say at least, more colourful and colloquial, referring to the "butt of the world" as a very remote part of it ;-)

good job

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