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"I have a cat."

Translation:Yo tengo un gato.

3 months ago



I have a question. I just assumed that 'tiene' is 'has' and 'have'. But does 'tengo' mean 'have' and 'tiene' mean 'has'?

3 months ago

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Kind of. Tener is 'to have'. It's an irregular verb, which means it doesn't conjugate in a regular way like eg. comer, to eat would: yo como, él come, tú comes, ellos comen etc.

Relook at your tener conjugation for present tense:

yo tengo - I have

tú tienes - you have

él tiene - he has

ella tiene - she has

ellos tienen - they have

Nosotros tenemos - we have

3 months ago

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Why isn't acceptable tengo without yo? In the old version the game accepted. In the new version why not?

3 months ago


They are looking for more proper writing. Yo tengo is the proper way of saying it.

2 months ago

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Overuse of subject pronouns is a common mistake made by non-native speakers. Using the "yo" isn't more proper, but it does add an emphasis to the word "I" in the sentence. It has the same effect as saying "I have a cat".

It's more likely an oversight in the programming for DL. You should report it.



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