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  5. "I have a cat."

"I have a cat."

Translation:Yo tengo un gato.

May 26, 2018



I have a question. I just assumed that 'tiene' is 'has' and 'have'. But does 'tengo' mean 'have' and 'tiene' mean 'has'?


Kind of. Tener is 'to have'. It's an irregular verb, which means it doesn't conjugate in a regular way like eg. comer, to eat would: yo como, él come, tú comes, ellos comen etc.

Relook at your tener conjugation for present tense:

yo tengo - I have

tú tienes - you have

él tiene - he has

ella tiene - she has

ellos tienen - they have

Nosotros tenemos - we have


I thought the same.


Do you say "yo tengo una gata" if you have a female cat?


I gave correct answer ' yo tengo una gato' but I was told wrong on 4 occasions with ' yo tengo una minima' ? This has happened several times now over the past three weeks to different questions.


The adjective and noun have to agree. "Una" is feminine but "gato" is masculine. So it has to be either "una gata" (which is correct if you have a queen but Duo will mark you wrong) or "un gato" if you have a Tom. (and which Due assumes everybody has.)


Im gettin mad i failed this one 3 times from little things and im always at one heart dang it


Gave the right answer, but it read as a wrong answer.


The cat could be female which would be "gata", so please do not mark gata incorrect. Gracias.


I heard that Spanish speakers often omit personal pronouns. So would "Tengo un gato" be correct? (not for duolingo, I get it's for learning, but rather in real life)


i have a cat stupid x and chloe


Tengo , tiene i think are same


I really have a cat, her name is Cleo


I didnt let me have it because i didnt have a fullstop (on level dos)


This is all wrong and doesnt make sense. Tengo is want. Tengo is want. Something is wrong here. Tengo is want. Yo tengo taco bell. "I want taco bell" . NOT yo tiene taco bell. Please fix this in this applicatio n!


it says exactly what I wrote and its wrong?

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