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"Matěj and I are drinking coffee."

Translation:Matěj a já pijeme kávu.

May 26, 2018



It is colloquial.

[deactivated user]

    When can "pijeme" and "kávu" switch places? In a different exercise where we have a singular third person with the same action both were allowed. It was about drinking water, I think. On pijé vodu and on vodu pijé. I wrote the first the other one was suggested as an alternative. Here I went for kávu pijeme and it was wrong.


    You use "Kávu pijeme." for "We DO drink coffee." or at least "Matěj and I ARE drinking coffee.". To stress they you do drink it even when the other person was perhaps suggesting otherwise.

    Or when there is a large group of people and someone said that no-one here drinks coffee but you disagree and say that you and Matěj do drink coffee.

    I will add it as I think it is possible here even though it is not the most likely answer.

    [deactivated user]

      I see, thank you for explaining


      "Matěj a já popíjíme kafe." is not correct?


      I just thought of something: is there a rule in Czech that sasy you should say "xxx a já" and not "ja á xxx", as in English, or are both possible?


      No rule. Some preferences. Here both orders are possible, but we currently require the same order as in English.

      BTW René, já a Rudolf

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