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German Pronouns

Struggling with German pronouns, even though I'm supposedly on Level 3. At the moment, they seem so random and confusing. Would really like to go back and rework them from the beginning (Level 1), because going forward without understanding, seems pointless. Wish I could still do this!

May 26, 2018



Hi, German pronouns can be confusing because they change their forms due to the cases. First you have the pronouns in the nominative (they are the subjects in a sentence: ich, du, er, sie, es, wir, ihr, sie. Notice the English uses "you" for a single person and a several people who are addressed. In German that happens with the word "sie". It can be one single female person or a group of several people.

Then the pronouns can take on the dative case: mir, dir, ihm, ihr, ihm, uns, euch, ihnen. And last but not least in the accusative case: mich, dich, ihn, sie, es, uns, euch, sie.


Thankyou! This helps.
Made a new chart, which I will keep handy for a while. Think the earlier chart I'd made was incorrect, --which is suprisingly hard to unlearn.

Still would like to restart the pronoun exercises from the beginning, to nail it into my head. Will look in a book somewhere, but generally like how Duolingo helps to make it almost intuitive. --unless you get off on an incorrect path and learn it incorrectly first!


Search for “German grammar” and “German gender” on Wikipedia! Those pages are surprisingly good summaries, it’s what I use.

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