Translation:I really enjoyed my winter vacation.

7 months ago


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Even though we are speaking here of only one vacation, I'm guessing that "mis" before "vacaciones" is more about an idiom than it is about more than one vacation.....right?

5 months ago

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How would you say "I enjoyed a lot of my winter vacations"?

3 months ago

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This has been bothering me too. It seems "I enjoyed a lot of my winter vacation" is actually the correct translation of this sentence despite Duolingo not accepting it. "Realmente disfruté mis vacaciones de invierno" is how you say I really enjoyed my winter vacation.

Hopefully some better speakers can chime in here.

2 months ago


ON this new section that appeared on my tree....i think we can say, "I much enjoyed my winter vacation" "much enjoyed" is the same really as "really enjoyed." It's how people can talk about that same experience of having had fun.

7 months ago


How many vacations did the speaker have? If I were translating from English, I would write, "Disfruté mucho mi vacacion de invierno." (One person = one vacation). If I were translating from Spanish, I would write "I enjoyed my winter vacations a lot." Asking any knowledgeable Spanish speaker: Is "winter vacations" always uses colloquially, even when only one vacation is being talked about?

5 months ago

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Sure is tough to guess what English idiom they'll use sometimes. It wouldn't take, "I enjoyed very much my winter vacation," because it was expecting, "I really enjoyed my winter vacation." !!!

5 months ago

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I'm also hoping to hear from a native speaker about vacacione or vacaciones in this phrase.

2 months ago


I very much enjoyed.my holiday in the winter, is this acceptable

2 months ago


Duo has a problem with misprints and alternative correct solutions. Her is a funny example: Original answer: "I really enjoyed my winter holyday" (misprint/error, should be holiday) Duo says: You have a typo. I really enjoyed my winter vacation. (vacation underlined)

3 weeks ago


Lol Of course, English speakers realize (in spite of the misprint) Holiday is but a derivation of Holy Day. (That was the only time when the king/queen and church granted time away from toil, for rest and festivities.)

In North American English, a Holiday has been expanded and come to be expressed as a Vacation. (Time to get out of Dodge/ Vacate the premises)

Meanwhile my lord. I beseech thee, that thou wouldst grant me leave for Holyday. Pretty please? ;)

3 weeks ago


mis vacaciones is pleural, but in English, it is singular. Can I write 'mi vacacion'?

3 weeks ago
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