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"Zahlt" vs. "Bezahlt" - "Zahlen" vs. "Nummer"

Hello everyone,

What is the difference between the German words "Zahlt" and "Bezahlt", and how are they conjugated?

What is the difference between "Zahlen" and "Nummer".
I believe that "Zahlen" is The Numbers and "Nummer" is like A Number. Is that correct?

Thank you! AP4418

May 26, 2018



zählen-> to count

ich zähle = i count

du zählst = you count (sing inf)

er/sie /es zählt = he/she/ it counts

wir zählen = we count

ihr zählt = you count (pl.inf)

sie/ Sie zählen = they count /you count (sing/pl formal)

bezahlen -> to pay (bezahlen is sometimes shortened to "zahlen")

ich bezahle = i pay

du bezahlst = you pay (sing. inf.)

er/ sie/ es bezahlt = he/she / it pays

wir bezahlen = we pay

ihr bezahlt =you pay (pl. inf.)

sie/Sie bezahlen = they pay / You pay (pl/sing. formal)

as you assumed :

Zahlen are the numbers

Nummer is a number like a phone number for example


Hi Dessert-Rose, I think you meant "zahlt" without "ä".



Yeah, I think I did! : ) Thank for that website, it's simple!


You are welcome. : )


Hi 7hAu0bvY, I am agree with birgit72635. In my view, the words "zahlen" and "bezahlen" are not always interchangeable. There are minor differences.

Julian von Heyl is a Germanist. Please have a look at his comment:


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