"La tercera puerta a la derecha."

Translation:The third door on the right.

8 months ago


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what is wrong with the third door to the right

8 months ago

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Both are accepted now. June 2018. On the right and to the right are both correct.

8 months ago

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Third door on your right.

4 months ago


Should it not be "is on the right"?

3 months ago


This sentence is not complete without "is"

3 months ago


I wrote " la tercera puerta a a la derecha" - I put an extra "a" by accident, but the solution I think is correct, and it was not accepted. In other cases typos are accepted.

3 months ago


It's amazing how literal this is to what we say in English, now I'm starting to see why they say Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speaker

1 month ago


"the third door at the right": is this improper english? english speaking people are probably very polite: they always pretended to understand me.

1 week ago
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