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"La tercera puerta a la derecha."

Translation:The third door on the right.

May 27, 2018



what is wrong with the third door to the right


Both are accepted now. June 2018. On the right and to the right are both correct.


"the third door at the right": is this improper english? english speaking people are probably very polite: they always pretended to understand me.


English people are very impressed how well people of other nationalities speak English, and little mistakes are lovely! It would be dull if everyone spoke languages 'perfectly' :)


what a lovely comment. Here take my lingot


Idk when to use a or en


Third door on your right.


I wrote " la tercera puerta a a la derecha" - I put an extra "a" by accident, but the solution I think is correct, and it was not accepted. In other cases typos are accepted.


rtekauer,the machine cannot know whether you might think saying "...at to the right" is correct, so it has to count you wrong and show the correct answer.

I accidentally doubled Dónde yesterday, and missed an easy sentence. Makes you remember to take a second to proofread.


Should it not be "is on the right"?


That would be "La tercera puerta está a la derecha". If you are wondering if this sentence needs a verb, yes it does. The phrase given is not a complete sentence, so it can't be translated as one.


Chemdan, if Dúo was trying to make a complete sentence, yes, but this exercise is likely the answer to a question, in context.

For example, at a medical center, someone asks a desk clerk, "Where is the bathroom?" She/he helpfully points to the correct hallway and answers, "Third door on your right."


This sentence is not complete without "is"


I believe that the answer is in context of "Where is ....?". So the answer to that question has an assumed 'is': "It is the third door on the right".


It's amazing how literal this is to what we say in English, now I'm starting to see why they say Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speaker


By the way, I thought surely someone would mention the rock band, "Three Doors Down"!


I'm having trouble understanding when and how to put certain adjectives. Like in this sentence we say "tercera puerta", with the adjective coming before the noun and retaining its gender. In another sentence we said "primer calle" or "buen restaurante", still adjective first, but without the gendering. And most other times we have adjective following the noun. Is there a rule I should be following, or is this one of those things I just have to feel out?


The answer is "tercera," but it sounded "tetracera." I listened to both speeds many times.

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