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"Nosotras vivimos en Inglaterra."

Translation:We live in England.

2 months ago



What is the difference between nosotras and nosotros??? If it has to do with male / female, how am I supposed to know if the sentence is masculine or feminine if it only says we???

2 months ago

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Nosotras is for a group of females, and you use nosotros in all other cases. It should accept both answers (unless there is something which tells you otherwise).

2 months ago

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I keep wondering....how do you know when to translate e.g. 'Vivimos' into 'we live' or 'we are living'? Would it become apparent when the sentence is in full context?

1 month ago


E n g l a n d i s m y c i t y

1 month ago


i was marked wrong for using nosotros, where does it indicate that it's a group of females??

1 week ago