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"Nosotras vivimos en Inglaterra."

Translation:We live in England.

May 27, 2018



On my exercise I heard a male voice saying nosotras


There are many reasons why a man might say that, such as when reading a story or repeating what someone else said.


E n g l a n d i s m y c i t y


What is the difference between nosotras and nosotros??? If it has to do with male / female, how am I supposed to know if the sentence is masculine or feminine if it only says we???


Nosotras is for a group of females, and you use nosotros in all other cases. It should accept both answers (unless there is something which tells you otherwise).

[deactivated user]

    -as = female -os = the rest (groups, male, "male" gender nouns)


    i was marked wrong for using nosotros, where does it indicate that it's a group of females??


    even if the audio says nosotras, it still should be accepted for both nosotros and nosotras !


    It should accept nosotros, especially when a male voice says the sentence...


    Is the pronunciation of Inglaterra correct here with the stress on the second syllable? I thought it was stressed on the third syllable.


    I wondered the same. I checked Spanish Dict and the LAm speaker also had the stress on the third syllable as I know it is in Spain. Maybe some particular country has that stress? But if so, wouldn't the 'a' have an accent?


    You have to listen carefully to hear if it says nosotras or nosotros, and sometimes the voice doesn't match the gender.


    When I press, 'vivimos' the male voice pronounces it. It sounds like both 'V's are pronounced with a 'B ' sound. Am hearing this correctly?


    Yes; spanish b and v are identical phonetically and have two "subtypes" based on the position!



    I don't like this new format. I can no longer check what i did write. I also am having a problem with nosotra, nosotro.


    I keep wondering....how do you know when to translate e.g. 'Vivimos' into 'we live' or 'we are living'? Would it become apparent when the sentence is in full context?


    Why nosotros cannot be used in the above. Duolingo is very inconsistent or is the difference between American and English translations.


    And AGAIN the male speaker is apparently female. "Nosotras." Whatever, Duolingo...


    Stop being so pickie with things. Some people just want to learn how to speak Spanish we don't necessarily want to know how to write it perfectly. Nosotros nosotras!! Come on


    It's important to be able to read the lesson and apply it, especially when some of the exercises are non-verbal

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