"Tú siempre hablas con el abuelo."

Translation:You always speak with Grandpa.

5 months ago



I was expecting 'tu abuelo', but because it said 'el' I translated it as 'the grandfather', which seemed odd. Was that a typo? Or is 'el abuelo' correctly translated as just 'grandfather'?

5 months ago


Is that right?! I wrote, "You always talk with the grandfather." Would a native speaker call their grandfather "el abuelo?" That doesn't seem right.

5 months ago


It does seem very odd indeed. We need more native Spanish speakers willing to participate in these discussions.

4 months ago

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I'm not a fluent speaker, but I did the same thing as everyone else here seems to have. I wasn't thinking of a personal family member, but of any grandfather. So I put, "the grandfather." I too am reporting this.

4 months ago


Along the thinking of the previous comments. I tried "with your grandfather." Thinking that el is understood to mean tu. I am reporting this to see if DL will accept.

5 months ago


Why is it grandpa has to be with the capital G???? Why is it a mistake to write it with the small g??

4 months ago


what is wrong about "you always talk with the grandfather"

4 months ago
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