"We are going to the car."

Translation:Wir gehen zum Auto.

May 27, 2018

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what's the difference between zu and aus


They don't really have much in common.

"zu" = to (we go to the car), closed (the shop/window is closed), too (it's too cold)

"aus" = out of (I take it out of the fridge), from (I am from Germany), [turned] off (the radio is off), over (the show is over)

"Wir gehen zum Haus" = "We go to the house"

"Wir gehen aus dem Haus" = "We go out of the house"


Whats wrong with "Wir gehen nach Auto"


We don't say "wir gehen nach ..." when you're talking about a specific place, we always say "wir gehen zu ...". If the place you're going to is a name, it's without the article:

Wir gehen zum Supermarkt
Wir gehen zu Susanne

Wir gehen zur Post

Having said that, some people do use "nach" when they should use "zu". Bad German though.


I think you are missing "the" article


Why not " Wir gehen zum Fahrzeug?"


Because a "Fahrzeug" is a vehicle, not necessarily a car. I think some people do prefer "Fahrzeug" when talking about their car, so it's not really wrong. A common abbreviation is "Kfz", stands for Kraftfahrzeug - powered vehicle.


I was a little confused because "going to" (future) Finely I wrote the right answer.

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