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My 4 years of Duolingo

A 1460-days streak may seem remarkable. Actually it isn't. I often use to lose motivation for learning and exercising or doing the gardening.

The only thing that keeps me going is making a habit of it. At least 1/2 an hour of learning after breakfast. If I have to stand up early and to leave the house at 7, then my learning session starts at 6.

I did 9 trees, none of them in my mother tongue German. I love to do the learning crosswise. I made the French tree e.g. from English and Spanish, having a a sound basis in English and Spanish before my Duolingo-Start. Duo only shows in the public profile only subscriptions from one language, no reverse or cross trees at the same time.

For me, doing my learning with Duo, Babbel and memrise is simply part of my daily routine. I am having breakfast every day, i brush my teeth and i drink about 10 cups of coffee a day. Learning is exactly the same. No questioning whether I would prefer sleeping a little bit longer or finding an excuse. Making up a decision once is easier than deciding every day. And after two weeks it is getting easier every day. The habit is getting control of the situation.

May 27, 2018



Congratulations on this milestone, Guitarluehe.

I feel indentified with your story. Even though it will be some months before my Duolingo experience reaches the four-year point, I have made it part of my daily routine and it has also become part of my breakfast. I do many other things every day but just as one finds time to exercise, sleep or eat, I find it for my daily lessons. Perseverance is certainly a key element in this experience.

I hope you keep finding Duolingo interesting in the future and thanks for sharing.


thanks a lot AnaArias. Very interesting to find people who trust in daily routines for learning.


Very good, somehow one just keeps doing it every day and the streaks continue.


You have done extremely well and should be proud of your streak and levels! Your streak is worth four years, it is amazing that you have managed to keep it for that long without interruption and barely anyone has a streak that big, well done!


The only problem is on cruise ships if there is no land in sight. Satellite based Internet on ships is slow and expensive. A day off with lingots is possible. Sometimes I wish you could buy a week off with your lingots at least once a year.


^I’m going on a cruise in less than a month and I feel like my streak is at risk.


I returned from a Mini Cruise with the QM2 yesterday. I use to avoid the horrible Internet prices on the open sea. So I my target to 1 xp. But even then Duo is my daily reminder and I do my fürther language training offline


I wish I had such a good reason for losing my streak!


How can you reach more than 100.000 Skill Points on a single language?Unbelieveable performance.


Duo only shows in the public profile only subscriptions from one language, no reverse or cross trees at the same time.

Luckily, the SHOF site fixes that:


Wow! Du trinkst zehn Tassen Kaffee jeden Tag? Ich liebe Kaffee, aber ich könnte nie so viel trinken. Wenn es koffeinfrei wäre, vielleicht. Was ist deine Lieblingsmarke? Congratulations on all of the progress you've made. It's good that you've never been without internet access for more than a couple of days. I've been on DuoLingo since April 2015 and study first thing every morning, but I miss days every now and then, and the hurricanes that come through here can knock out the electricity and internet access for days at a time. Pero tras vivir en Florida por tantos años, estoy acostumbrado. ¿Puedes practicar cada idioma con personas que viven en tu pueblo o ciudad, o algunos solo por internet? ¿Tienes un idioma favorito? Mi favorito es el aleman, pero no conozco a nadie en mi ciudad que habla o aleman, o frances. Bonne chance avec toutes tes études.


Me gusta Melitta, Selection des Jahres (Maquina Automatica Jura). Ich war schon ein paar mal in Florida, dem Sonnenschein Staat.) Thanks a lot.


1460 days! Not bad :-) I have lost my streak after almost 100 days. Thanks for posting this. It encourages one to go on and on. I hope that I reach 1460 days too :-)


A 1460-days streak inst remarkable? I agree to disagree. I get what you mean about habit though. I always practice for half an hour right after getting home from work on weekdays and before even breakfast on weekends. I think habit is a great ally


Congrats on your streak! I'm still new but learning your mother tongue! Deutsch!


Sehr beeindruckend!


Your streak is very impressive actually.


You are wonderful and your streak is amazing. I love it and your motivation to go on and to make learning a part of your learning routine. I am always thought to be crazy for getting up at five just because I want to practice my languages, now however, I have found someone who does the same ;-))

Thank you for sharing, it is such a good story. .


When I restarted learning latin , I found a blog saying "do your lesson in the morning , once it's done nobody will take it away from you !! You won't have the excuse of not having time or be tired , it's the beginning of the day : you're motivated , you feel good , nothing bad has made changed your mind from your lesson yet..." Well it's true for everything , we're much more willing to do something in the morning . "l'avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt " isn't it ? ;)

Congratulations guitarluehe


Thank you Birgit. Some sort of mental kinship between us. Thanks Cleanthe. I never thought about it. But doing things in the morning maybe also a secret for success.


For me, doing my learning with Duo, Babbel and Memrise is simply part of my daily routine

Wenn Du Tipps zum Memrise Web Portal und Tampermonkey User Scripts brauchst, kann ich Dir ggf. weiterhelfen.

Ohne "all typing", "auto correct", "Audio Provider" und "Timer Disabler" würde es meines Erachtens garnicht gehen.

Verwendest Du die auch schon alle um Multiple-Choice & Co. bei Reviews abzuschalten?



Congrats for achieving yet another milestone ;)


Oh my god, you are far in advance. 1737 is tremendous.

[deactivated user]



    It is so good to hear from you again! You have helped me a lot with my German, and I miss writing to you on the old Activity site. Hoeffentlich geht es Dir ganz gut! Bis bald!


    Hello my friend Raisinnoir. I often see your weekly performance being very similar to mine. Thanks a lot.


    So inspiring! I dream to be this motivated!


    I'm only a little over a thousand days behind you! :p

    On a more serious note: congratulations. That is an amazing achievement. I hope one day to have a tally like yours. Even in my comparatively short streak I find that for a few months, keeping the streak going is easy- but then I hit a patch where I just want to do the bare minimum to keep the streak alive... but then I hit the ground running again with enthusiasm again.

    My desire to learn comes and goes- but I hope I can carry on through the trying times and get better across the board.

    Surely, you've hit some patches where you didn't have as much enthusiasm too.


    Wish to follow your footprints :)


    You did already 99 Percent of the way. Doing languages more than 300 times in a a row is you brilliant achievement. Now you only have to let it happen. You need less motivation every day.


    "It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you got to do it every day. That's the hard part. But it does get easier." - Running Baboon


    Exactly my opinion. I feel you are right.

    • 2169

    I feel like recommending you a book. Not too short, not too long. Easy and fun to read for non-specialists like me.

    This book: Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine

    Happy learning!


    Hi GuitarLuehe,

    This is outstanding, of late i realized and started my daily learning activity. I wanted to know one thing. From your experience, how do you learn a language which is not commonly spoken in your region? Its just the online learning which keeps me going, but the practice offline is missing from my routine.


    Hi raviurfharry, in Germany we have public colleges for adults with very low costs for their courses. They are called VHS = Volkshochschule. Normally I concentrate my learning on one or two languages which I am going to use for the next trips abroad. And at the VHS I am joining discussion circle for these two languages.

    But even if you do not have this possibility you can learn a lot on your own. Think and speak in very simple sentences and do it every day for some minutes. Start your day with talking to yourself "Ich bin ausgeschlafen. Ich stehe jetzt auf. Ins Bad! Zähne putzen! Duschen! Rasieren! Ich freue mich schon auf meinen Kaffee. Schade ich muss heute arbeiten. Ich würde viel lieber zu Hause bleiben...... Doing the same thing some days in a row your mind learns to think in the foreign language. And thinking is the most important part of speaking. To reassure that you are really dispense with translating from you mother tongue think in pictures. See the picture of the bathroom, of shaving, of your morning coffee in your imagination while speaking the words.


    yes I also study before work - 6am 1/2hour or more. Its best for learning. Best for listening practice is during running or exercise. Well done to you


    Congratulations. That kind of consistency is very impressive.

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